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Yoray Liberman July 11, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Kosovo.

Graduation at the American University, Kosovo 2008

Yoray Liberman (b. 1975, Israel) began his professional work in 1997 as a freelance photographer for Gamma and AFP, covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 1999, he moved to feature and documentary photography and relocated  to New York.  In year 2000 he moved to Paris and worked with the French agency Editing. He continued traveling regularly to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Moldova-Transnistrian conflict (for GEO magazine), the Zapatistas in Mexico, and the conflict in Afghanistan (Der Spiegel). In 2004, he relocated to Istanbul, Turkey, where he did projects on secularism and religion in Turkish society – youth and nightlife in Istanbul, Muslim Sufism, Sunnite Ramadan and more. Yoray  currently lives in Israel.

About the Photograph:

“This photo is part of my project on Kosovo. I  photographed the first graduating class in the new country at the American University of Kosovo. That university offers education with American standards and gives Kosovo youth a chance to boost their country towards an independent democracy. Since February 2008 Kosovo is a self declared  state recognized by 65 out of 192 sovereign United Nations member states. in the new path of becoming a nation and liberating from their past the  youth in the country tries to build itself – they are the future of Kosovo. Nightlife and places to hang out are being built and the standards raise as more and more young Kosovars are coming back to the new country after two decades since their parents fled the Balkan war.”


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