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Dado Galdieri August 10, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Bolivia.

El Alto, Bolivia 2009

Dado Galdieri (b. 1974, Brazil) studied Sociology and Communications. Upon finishing college he traveled across his native country while based in São Paulo contributing to the Associated Press and national newspapers. His work has been published in magazines and newspapers such as: Der Spiegel, National Geographic, The Sunday Times Traveler, The Guardian and Dagens Nyheter.  He left AP in 2010 to pursue an independent path and stories with a more in-depth approach. He is currently based in Lima, Peru covering South and Central America focusing on environmental and social stories, collaborating with international and local magazines and newspapers. Dido also works for corporate clients and is leading photo reportage tours for enthusiasts and adventurers in the Andean mountains.

About the Photograph:

“I took this picture while wandering in the late afternoon on the outskirts of El Alto, a new city which sprouted as a satellite dormitory town outside of Bolivia’s seat of government. I spent the day photographing men that  hide in the city’s cliffs and illegal pubs to drink pure alcohol and other cheap, often deadly spirits. After so many hours drinking non stop it’s common to see people crashed in the most incredible public places.  This picture is part of an ongoing project named K’ajj: Tradition and Alcoholism in the Andes. The central idea is to portray the patterns of behavior enhanced or created by the widespread alcohol consumption between indigenous and mestizos in Bolivia, to depict its relation to their religious beliefs as well as the negative consequences of the substance and how it can lead to alcoholism, domestic violence, chronic diseases and death.”