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Julie Glassberg August 17, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Marissa and Mikey @ the Chicken Hut, Brooklyn 2009

Julie Glassberg (b. 1984, France) studied graphic design for four years and later decided to make her passion for photography become her life. Her interests are primarily based on the diversity of world cultures, subcultures, underground scenes as well as misfits of society, the weak, the feared, the unaccepted. Photography is like a passport to enter worlds that she would never be able to see otherwise. Julie is currently working in New York City on projects as well as freelancing for clients such as The New York Times. She is the recipient for the LUCIE Scholarship Emerging Grant (2010), a Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography (2010), a 2011 POYi award of excellence, and was selected by PhotoEspana Descubrimiento 2011.

About the Photograph:

“This photo comes from a long term project called Bike Kill, about the tall bike subculture in Brooklyn. A lot of the images are chaotic. It’s a bit of a destructive, crazy environment. Good crazy though. This community is full of artists, self taught kids, and DIY experiments. I like the quiet moment captured while everyone was going crazy, alcohol flowing and music playing loud. At some point Mikey pulled me out of the crowd. He took me to a huge elevator and locked the door. There were five of us and Chacha the dog. Coming from the chaotic party, this became a very quiet, intimate moment. I shot a few pictures in the elevator and then this perfect instant just happened: the position of the arm, the looks, the leg up.  This photo says a lot about those kids. Marissa and Mikey are friends and we can tell by this picture that they are really close. That’s how this community works. It might be a chaotic environment, but it is more about a big family, caring for each other, sharing and creating.”