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Lorenzo Meloni September 15, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Italy.

After a Rave. Dead City, Rome 2009

Lorenzo Meloni (b.1983, Italy) studied at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia for three years. He has reported on Palestinian refugees and Yemen where he is planning to relocate. Other works include retrospectives on the Italian techno-rave and hip-hop youth scenarios.  Lorenzo’s work has been exhibited at: The Luigi Pigorini National Ethnographic Prehistoric Museum in Rome and the Fotoleggendo Festival. His photographs have been published in L’Espresso, La Republica  and TIME.

About the Photograph:

“This photo was shot during an illegal rave party on the outskirts of Rome, in an area known as the ‘Dead City’. These three young people are regaining mental clarity after a night dancing under the effect of drugs and alcohol. The music, blaring out of a 20,000-watt sound system, still hasn’t worn them out and to chat, they have to speak in each others ear. The silence of the woods surrounds them, but the mix of drugs and alcohol, continues to keep them close to the vibrations of the music. This photo is part of a project on illegal raves that I have been following for the last two years. The purpose is to tell the story of a non-place, where there are no rules; an unfettered realm, where the conventions of the real world don’t exist and illegality and drugs are the only means to find pleasure.”