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Brad Vest September 19, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

From the series “The Best We Can”, Amesville, Ohio 2010

Brad Vest (b. 1985, USA) became interested in photography while souping film in the basement of his dormitory attending the University of Illinois. At the time he was completing a Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences degree. After graduating in 2008 he moved on to work at newspapers in Seattle, Kansas, and Milwaukee focusing on daily storytelling and exploring longer term, narrative stories. In 2009 following his passion to continue long-term documentary storytelling he moved to Ohio University. In 2010, he attended the Eddie Adams Workshop and was a winner in the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward 2011. He was also featured during the LOOK3 SHOTS presentation of 2011. His work has also been recognized by the College Photographer of the Year competition and the NPPA Best of Photography competition.

 About the Photograph:

“After raising two children, Kim Wilson represents the changing role of grandparents in southeast Ohio. After Kim’s daughter’s drug related custody forfeiture of her two children, Jenna and Ayden, Kim and her husband, Darren, took the kids into their home and have found themselves as parents the second time around. This photo was taken during one of the many days that I spent with the Wilson family while documenting families affected by the ongoing prescription drug epidemic within Appalachia. Kim is helping Ayden and Jenna brush their teeth before sending Jenna off to school. The family doesn’t have running water to their bathroom sink so they use their kitchen for most of their running water needs. Kim and Darren’s decision to raise their grandkids has them confronting the challenges of raising young children while negotiating the issues around aging and their independence.”