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Robin Hammond September 26, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Uganda.

From a Project on Mental Illness in Northern, Uganda 2011

Robin Hammond (b.1975, New Zealand) moved to Tokyo when he was 21. After returning to his hometown he enrolled in The Advanced Diploma in Photography at Massey University. After graduation he moved to London. For eight  years he worked there and abroad for newspapers, magazines and non-governmental organizations. His photographs have been published in: National Geographic, Time Magazine, Newsweek and The Sunday Times Magazine among others. In June 2011, for a third year in a row, Robin won Amnesty International’s Media Award. His story on sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo won the Photojournalism category. In April 2011, he won second place at the Sony World Photography Awards. Robin lives in Cape Town.

About the Photograph:

“A 14 year old boy who’s been tied up for six years. His mother says his illness started with Malaria, then convulsions that lasted a long time. After that he fell unconscious for two days. A health professional from a local mental health NGO says he has epilepsy with psychosis. The mother refuses to have the child admitted to a hospital two km away in Northern Uganda. Decades of war have left a population traumatized and under-investment has meant services that cater to their needs and the needs of the rest of Ugandans with mental illness are severely lacking.”