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Corentin Fohlen November 10, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Thailand.

Red Shirt Protesters, Bangkok 2010

Corentin Fohlen (b. 1981, France) studied illustration and comics in Belgium and shortly after discovered photography. Two years later, he began to shoot for  Wostok Press, covering political and social news in Paris. After working with the agencies Gamma and Abaca Press, he began working as a freelancer for Fedephoto, which gave him the freedom to cover both his own interests and major international events. Corentin has worked with Stern, The New York Times, Le Monde, Paris Match, Le Figaro, France Soir, Libération, l’Express, among others. His photographers have been exhibited at VISA pour l’Image and at the Festival Du Scoop in France. He also won the World Press Photo Second Prize Spot News for his work in Thailand.

About the Photograph:

“I choose this photo of the Red Shirts in Bangkok during the conflict with the Thaï government. The Red Shirts mostly are mostly the rural poor of Thailand. They entered the capital and set up camp in the business district of Silom. I missed the beginning weeks of conflict being in Haiti but later flew into Bangkok to cover the end of the story. After four days of fighting in the streets, the Thai army finally surrendered. On 19 May, after troops in armored cars had stormed barricades around the demonstrators’ encampment the Red Shirt leaders ordered their supporters to end the protest. Even after the call to surrender, some demonstrators said they would continue to fight. By the time the unrest finally died down at the end of May, over 80 people had been killed and some 2,000 injured.”