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Anne-Stine Johnsbråten February 1, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Norway.

Mom & Dad, Christmas Eve. Oslo, Norway 2007

Anne-Stine Johnsbråten (b.1983) has been working as a documentary photographer and photojournalist the past six years, mainly focusing on larger photo essays. She has earned a Bachelor in Photojournalism from Oslo University College, and has also attended The Danish School of Media and Journalism.  She received a grant from The Freedom of Expression Foundation for  project “The Norwegian Roma”. Her work has been exhibited at the Norwegian Cultural Historical Museum and in Germany and Slovenia. In 2010 and 2011, she received recognition from The Norwegian Arts Council and was given several governmental grants.

About the Photograph:

“This photograph was taken one Christmas Eve, as we are sitting down to have Christmas dinner. Mom leans over to dad, exhausted from all the preparations. Most of us capture pictures to remember the big and happy events in our lives. To me, everyday life is just as important. The project has made me have a new and closer look at my own family. I’ve challenged my perception of something so dear and near that I never thought twice about it being different. I’ve seen the joyful faces of my cousins, jumping on the garden trampoline, with new eyes. How my mom always has bits of toothpaste around her face, after brushing her teeth. For the first time recognizing the colors on the 70’s wallpaper in my grandparents kitchen, as they are consuming the dinner of the day, “Faarikaal” and red hot dogs, a most non-traditional combination. The past six years I’ve documented some big and important, but mostly trivial moments in my own extended family.”

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