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Philip Gostelow February 16, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in China.

From the Series: Shanghai Zeitgeist, China 2005

Philip Gostelow (1962, Australia) has worked with some of the world’s leading magazines including TIME, The Independent on Sunday Review, Figaro and Conde Nast Traveler – while shooting for corporate clients including HSBC and RBS. His photographs has been honored with awards in Australia and exhibited internationally  at the  Noorderlicht Photo Festival. His project Visible, Now – The Fragility of Childhood was published as an e-book in 2006 and his Black Christmas Bushfire Series (2001) is in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia. In addition to photography, Philip has written articles for Cathay’s Discovery, South China Morning Post and The Australian Financial Review, and is currently involved in the production of short film and documentary projects. He is currently based in Shanghai.

About the Photographs:

“These couple images are from my first series on Shanghai. It was also my last time using the beautiful square format of my beloved Hassleblad. I’d never been drawn to China – either culturally or geographically, though on this trip to Shanghai I was fascinated at its vastness and it’s somewhat over wrought attachment to Western style and materialism. The bicyclist caught struggling across an intersection just north of the Suzhou Creek in the Hongkou district, a hodgepodge of traffic and the city’s high-rise looming in the distance, epitomizes Shanghai’s frantic energy and development. The gyrating retiree on the Bund engaging in his early morning exercises shows that, for the moment at least, not all ritual and tradition has been lost to the headlong rush to modernize and develop.”