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Claudine Doury April 9, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in France.

The Angel, France 2007

Claudine Doury (b.1959, France) received the Leica Oscar Barnack award in 1999 and during  the same year  the second prize at World Press Photo. In 2004, she received the Prix Niepce. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibits in France and Europe, most recently at La Galerie Particulière in Paris. Her first monograph, Peuples de Sibérie, was published in 1999. Since then she has published Artek, un été en Crimée (2004), Loulan Beauty (2007) and Sasha (2011). She has taught workshops in Russia, Latvia, Brazil and France. Claudine’s photographs can be found in public and private collections, including the FNAC (Fond National d’Art Contemporain). She is represented by Camera Obscura Gallery and La Galerie Particulière in Paris and is a member of VU agency.

About the Photograph:

“This picture is part of my series called  Sasha. I took it in Burgundy where I was visiting friends with my daughter, taking advantage of holidays to work on my theme. I had been taking pictures of Sasha during a long moment when suddenly Blanche, daughter of my friends, who was watching us, came suddenly into the scenery and without a word just layed on Sasha’s back. She stayed so for quite a while, at the very heart of the game, nested against the elder girl, as if she was feeling in peace this way. The resemblance between Blanche and Sasha at the same age, the pose, all this scene was perfectly depicting the end of childhood, gently flying away. With what appears to me as an angel visitation I had in front of my eyes the incarnation of James Agee’s words – adolescence is a kingdom of fallen or still falling angels, but it is yet a kingdom.”