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Monique Jaques April 30, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Egypt.

Tahrir Square, Cairo 2011

Monique Jaques (b. 1985, USA) is a photojournalist based in Istanbul. She has spent the past three years focused on documenting issues in the Middle East, Afghanistan and India. After graduating from New York University’s Photography and Imaging program she traveled extensively through the region and landed in Turkey. Since then she has photographed the revolution in Egypt, conflict in Libya, and in Afghanistan. In 2010 she was featured in the Ian Parry Scholarship show and received an Honorable Mention for the 2008 New York Photo Awards. More recently, she was accepted to the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2011. Her work has been published by The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Guardian, and CNN among others. Monique is represented by Corbis Images.

About the Photograph:

“Raise your head high, you are a free Egyptian!” This woman and many others called out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. For the first time in their lives women in Egypt were free to shout, chant, and sing in protests against President Hosni Mubarak. I went to Egypt to see how the women were contributing to an event that seemed to only feature men. Many women came to Tahrir Square independently, but most were bussed in from around Cairo where they were penned in by a ring of men holding hands to protect them. In this safe zone they were able exercise the freedoms of speech they had never had, and in a unique moment Egyptian women gathered together with heads held high and began not only a political revolution.”