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Xavier Comas May 7, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Thailand.

Narathiwat, a Province in Thailand’s Deep South 2011

Xavier Comas (b. 1970, Spain) graduated from the University of Barcelona. His work has been published and exhibited in Asia and Europe and seen in the Spain’s La Vanguardia newspaper edition, the Japanese art magazine ‘Quotation’, Courrier International and the Asia Literary Review. The Singapore Art Museum exhibited his installation ‘Pasajero’ as part of Transport Asian 2009. His work ‘Tokyo up, down’, a random photographic exploration in elevators, was exhibited at the Noorderlicht Photo Festival in 2011 and by the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn, Estonia. The House of the Raja : Splendor and Desolation in the Deep South of Thailand will be published by River Books in 2012. Xavier is based in Bangkok.

About the Photograph:

“On a journey to Narathiwat in Southern Thailand, I was taken by local inhabitants to a huge rambling wooden and brick structure, once the magnificent Palace of Tengku Samsuddin, the Raja of Legeh and one of the last Melayu rulers who paid tribute to Siam. I made use of the myth of the house as a vehicle to tell a story using the poetic language of magical realism. An atmosphere of dignified solitude inspired me to photograph a loose narrative of images tracing memory and identity across generations. Fiction and non-fiction overlap here, presenting the ordinary and mundane as extraordinary and fantastic. The House of the Raja looks behind the clouded veil of conflict to celebrate one of Thailandʼs most historic regions and tell its untold story.”