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Mathieu Asselin August 3, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Venezuela.

La Puerta de Caracas, Venezuela 2009

Mathieu Asselin (b.1973, France) began working with the acknowledged film director Alfredo Anzola at the age of 16 in Venezuela. Five years later he moved to Europe and joined the French photo agency L’ Oeil du Sud. In 2005, Mathieu relocated to New York City and established himself as a commercial photographer. His pictures have been published in various international corporate and editorial magazines, as well as in advertising campaigns. His publication credits include: The New Yorker , GEO Germany, Paris Match, Le Monde among others. His exhibitions and awards include: Grand Prize One Life Photography Award, Hacienda la Trinidad Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela and the Sony World Photography Awards.

About the Photograph:

“Thanks to my fixer, I was at the right place and had complete freedom to explore the area. I was looking forward to a long day of shooting in this poor neighborhood but couldn’t find the picture I had in mind. I felt like I was missing an opportunity. This photo happened at the last moment. I was about to leave feeling  discouraged, thinking to myself that I had missed my chance. Suddenly this guy appeared on a horse. Everything immediately made sense: the clash of a modern city and the rural area mixed at the same place. I believe this picture explains the history of these Favelas- the poor from the countryside migrating and adapting to the modern city. It reminds me the paintings of the Venezuelan independence battles in the schoolbooks I grew up with. To me it almost feels like a biblical image, transforming into an icon the everyday Venezuelan.”