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Louisa Marie Summer November 22, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Georgia.

Republic of Georgia, 2007

Louisa Marie Summer (b. 1983, Germany) received her graduate degree in Photo Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, and her MFA in Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. Louisa’s work has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, the U.S.A., and South Korea. She has received awards and nominations such as the T.C. Colley Scholarship Award for Excellence in Photography, and attended the Eddie Adams Workshop XXIII, and the Missouri Photo Workshop 2012. She is currently featured on the Emerging Talent roster of Reportage by Getty Images. This year Louisa published her first book called Jennifer’s Family with Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam. She is based in New York.

About the Photograph:

“This photograph is part a project called Megobrebi! In Search for the Future. I spent two months in Georgia documenting the diverse lifestyles of contemporary Georgian youth torn between religious and traditional values from the post-Soviet Union versus the promises of Western status symbols. Georgia is located at the boarder of Europe and Asia divided by its own separatist conflicts and afflicted with corruption and poverty. In recent years it has transformed towards a more democratic country, owing largely to reforms induced by Mikheil Saakashvili, who has been the country’s  autocratic president since the non-violent Rose Revolution in 2003. He retains presidential power for one more year after recently losing the majority to sustain his government after his party was defeated in parliamentary elections in October 2012.

“The photograph shows Elene and her girlfriends on the porch’s swing of her friend’s parent apartment in Vake, Tbilisi’s most prestigious neighborhood. I was introduced to Elene, the girl sitting on the left, and her parents through a mutual artist friend. Her parents lived abroad and decided to send her daughter to a German school in Tbilisi. The three girls on the swing are her school friends and we spent some time together, chilling, and celebrating graduation and birthdays. Beside a solid education, Georgia is not offering many opportunities for adolescents and most of them, such as these girls are influenced by newest fashion trends from the West and have big dreams about starting a model career and living abroad.”