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Giulio Piscitelli December 3, 2012

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Italy.

From a Project on Political Refugees in Italy. Naples 2012

Giulio Piscitelli (1981, Italy) received his bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from the University in Naples. He collaborated with the photographic archive of Naples Parisio as post producer of images and archivist. Giulio’s work has been exhibited at the Villa Pignatelli (Naples), University of Catanzaro (Italy), International Festival of Journalism in Perugia, Angkor Photo Festival and the National Library of Bologna. In 2010 he began freelancing with major national and international newspapers and magazines including Vanity Fair, Oggi, Corriere della Sera, Stern, Vanity Fair, New York Times and L’espresso . Giulio is based in Naples.

About the Photograph:

“This photo is part of a more extensive work related to migrants who arrived in Italy and then Europe. After the crisis of Lampedusa in 2011, the asylum seekers have been welcomed in hotel rooms and forgotten, waiting for documents that recognized them as political refugees. In Italy, they have no way to leave the country, which is normally a territory of transit to the countries of northern Europe. I met the guests of the hotels during a rally for migrants rights telling my previous experience and knowledge about the question of the immigrants in Italy. After working in the Naples, I moved to Rome, where the issue of asylum seekers is even more serious, a group of young Afghans lived on the edge of a railway station received little or no assistance from the government.The man in the picture is Mohamed who escaped from Libya during the war because he was a supporter of the Gaddafi regime. He offered me a cup of tea in his hotel room and told me about his plans to travel to Norway, but for the moment he can’t move from Naples.”