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Katharine MacDaid May 23, 2013

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Scotland.

Lynne, Orkney Islands, Scotland 2001

Katharine MacDaid (b.1979, Belfast) spent her childhood in Oman and America and studied photography at Napier University and then the Royal College of Art where she gained her masters. She has recently returned from Oman where she produced a large body of work as she explored the interior of the country far from the expat enclaves. Her ongoing project “Kate and Denis” looks at her parents with a dry humor and often bracing honesty about what makes relationships last. Katharine’s work has been exhibited at the Macro Testaccio Rome, The Palm Springs photo festival and the Ian Parry Scholarship exhibition. She currently lives in London.

About the Photograph:

“I met a boy from Orkney when I first went to Edinburgh to study. After four years of traveling back and forth I began to make work about a small group of friends, all living on the Orkney Islands. The girls and the boys mooching about, smoking joints, throwing stones. I’d spent my teenage years in London dressing up and hanging out in clubs. Lynne was a good friend. She’s sitting in what was called the summerhouse, in their garden rolling a joint. We were drinking beer and hanging out. It was too windy to roll joints outside. Every so often conversations drifted over thoughts of leaving and the desire to stay. The landscape seemed to promise a sense of freedom and stability yet it could constrict with a closed familiarity. I thought my work was about them, but I now think it was about the place and me.”