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Antonia Zennaro June 13, 2013

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Germany.

Safari Club, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg 2012/2009

Antonia Zennaro (b. 1980, Italy) studied at the ISFCI in Rome and took part in a master program in the Danish school of journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. Since 2010 she has been a freelance photographer working with the journalist agency Zeitenspiegel in Stuttgart. In addition to commissioned works for magazines and newspapers she is dedicated to long term projects on social issues. Antonia’s work was show at the  Lumix Festival for Young Photographers. Her first long term project, Reeperbahn, about the remains of the famous red light district in Hamburg, was published by Prestel in February 2013.  She is currently based in Hamburg.

About the Photographs:

“Peter and Griselda. Peter is one of the last typical bouncers you can find on the party mile and red light district in Hamburg, the Reeperbahn. He is working since 1976 in front of the Safari Club, the last Sex cabaret in Germany. In this street, Die grosse Freiheit, there were over nine of such Cabarets in the sixties and seventies. Not much is left over from these time and lifestyle. The Safari Club lives more like in a time in between, and Peter is becoming the entrance to it. Griselda arrived in the eighties from the Philippines. She works as a Transvestite artist. Nowadays it is difficult to get paid for her shows so she has to travel all around Germany. Both pictures were taken as part of my long term project Reeperbahn, Griselda was one of my first pictures I was allowed to take inside the Safari Club in 2009. Since then I have returned back and spent some years with them inside their backstage cellar. Peter was one of the last pictures taken in 2012. The work and life in the Reeperbahn is hard, and the ones who earned a lot of money are old, poor and lonely today.”