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Toufic Beyhum February 13, 2014

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Germany.

Berlin U-Bahn 2007

Toufic Beyhum (b. 1974, Beirut) moved to London at a young age. Toufic first showed an interest in photography at the age of 15, refining his skills at Art College over the next few years. At 21, he graduated and immediately embarked on a successful advertising career, plying his trade as an Art Director for multinational advertising agencies in New York, Dubai, London and Berlin. Amidst the flurry of advertising deadlines, Toufic still managed to indulge his passion for photography, at one point taking a year off to travel publishing a photographic book of Berlin’s U-Bahn in May 2007. He is based in London and is currently working on a documentary called After Tomorrow that was filmed in Petra, Jordan.

About the Photograph:

“This is a photograph from my published book, “Emotions in motion” that was published in Berlin. On my first day to work at the advertising agency BBDO I saw something that I have never seen before, especially at 8:30am on public transport. Two intoxicated women feeding each other ice cream and French kissing on the train. I thought to myself, welcome to Berlin and I also promised myself that from now on I would carry my camera with me everywhere. For two years I took photos on the Berlin Underground. It became an addiction, I took photos on the way to work and back, sometimes riding it till it closed. I also spent Christmas, New Years and every chance I got to  capture the fascinating characters of Berlin. I have had the pleasure of riding the New York Subway, the London Underground, the Paris and Tokyo Metro and when it comes to craziness, the Berlin Ubahn beats all of them hands down. This photo was during the World Cup when everybody was advertising. Usually this type of advertising doesn’t always work because either the person isn’t aligned or the body build is wrong but when I spotted this guy sitting there he was spot on.”