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Aujin Rew May 1, 2014

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Korea.

From a project about Catholic  priests in South Korea 2013

Aujin Rew (b. 1976, South Korea) is a self-taught photographer who initially studied architecture. While attending engineering graduate school at Stanford, she bought a small digital camera and started to immerse herself in  photography.  Aujin recently attended the 25th Eddie Adams workshop and was a recipient of the National Geographic Magazine Eddie Adams Grant. Her clients include: Hubert Burda Media in Hong Kong and the The Golden Tree Group . In A Private Moment was recently exhibited at the Taipei Art Photo Show in Taiwan. Aujin is currently based in Singapore and Seoul.

About the Photograph:

“In 2013, I set out to meet and photograph the Columban missionary priests in South Korea. They first came to Korea from Ireland in 1933. My grandmother lived in a small town near one of the first churches and her whole family was baptized there. I grew up as a Catholic and the Columban missionary priests were my first encounter with the outside world. Many years later, I met one of the priests from my childhood and remembered my curiosity about them as a child. This time, armed with a camera, I wanted to photograph the remaining missionary priests in Korea. Sean Conneley was the first priest I interviewed in a small room in the missionary society office in Seoul. Father Sean was involved in student movements in the 1980’s when the Korean society was undergoing a tumultuous period. While telling me about his life as a priest in those years he put his head down on the table during an emotional moment.”