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Vincent Catala December 8, 2014

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Brazil.

Central do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro 2014

Vincent Catala (b. 1975, France) lives and works between Europe and Brazil. In 2000 he graduated from McGill University with a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property. He became a photographer in 2006 after having various jobs. Vincent often photographs for urban planning and architecture clients. He also does portraits for music labels and the press. Since 2012 he has been involved in a personal research focusing on the evolution of the city of Rio de Janeiro. His work has been the subject of various exhibitions in Paris, Amman, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Tbilisi, Braga and was awarded several prizes and has been published in Le Monde, Télérama and The Sunday Times Magazine. He is represented by Agence VU.

About the Photograph:

“This picture was taken in April 2014, next to the bus station Central do Brasil, in Centro. It was raining and this guy looked lost and a bit crazy. Normally I do my personal work with a large format camera, but in this situation I took the photograph with a 6×7 camera. It’s part of my current work about Rio de Janeiro because (contrary to what many people think) I feel there a lot of loneliness/emptiness here. There is probably in that vision a lot of my personal story, and this is why I always shape my work taking into consideration the space as well as the individuals, trying to extract from their interaction a common sense (place in the world, freedom). I love to work in Rio when the weather is gray and rainy (also because in color, when it’s sunny, the light proves often too harsh for me). There is no sadness in this kind of picture for me, rather a quest about oneself and the place surrounding us, searching a sense and an order.”