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Stefan Falke February 23, 2015

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Mexico.

Photo artist Aldo Guerra on the roof of his apartment in Tijuana, Mexico 2008

Stefan Falke (b.1956, Germany) photographs stories and portraits for international magazines and movie stills for film studios. His work about a stilt-walking school in Trinidad resulted in the book MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad. For his latest project La Frontera he photographed 180 artists who live on both sides near the USA – Mexico border. The images were exhibited at Photoville 2014 in Brooklyn, New York and a book about the project was published in Germany. His work has been published in The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, GEO Spain, PHOTO, The Financial Times, New York Magazine, La Repubblica, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel and many others. Stefan is a member of the German photo agency Laif.

About the Photograph:

“This is an image from my long-term project La Frontera: Artists along the US Mexican Border. I traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, for the first time in 2008. The news from there was really bad then. Daily reports about kidnappings, murder and drug-trafficking. I wondered how people were going about their lives in places that seemed to be ruled by violence and decided to visit and photograph artists in order to show that there is more to the border region than we hear and read about. Over the next few years I found an astoundingly vibrant art scene in border cities like Matamoros, Reynosa, Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana and other cities on both sides. To date I photographed artists along the entire length of the border from the Pacific to the Atlantic. This photograph is from my first visit to the border and it shows the photographer and video artist Aldo Guerra on the roof of his studio in Tijuana. I like its composition and the feel to it. Tijuana became one of my favorite cities along the border and I revisit as often as I can.”