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Dario Bosio May 18, 2015

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Brazil.

Police raid. Altamira, Brazil 2013

Dario Bosio (b.1988, Italy) obtained a degree in Journalism at Florence University and graduated in both TV-Documentary and Photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. In 2012, together with an international community of authors, he founded PanAut Collective, a platform for visual narrative projects. In 2013 he interned at NOOR Images in Amsterdam and joined the iPad magazine About Photography as part of the editorial staff. He later moved to Rome where he worked as a project coordinator, co-curator and production assistant at 10b Photography until July 2014.  His projects have been published and exhibited internationally. He is now based in Napoli and moving to Kurdistan to work at Metrography photo agency as a picture editor and project manager.

About the Photograph:

“Due to the huge immigration rate Altamira is experiencing a crime wave that the police are struggling to fight. Drug traffic, prostitution and robberies have increased since the construction of Belo Monte began. I was in Altamira, in the state of Parà, Brazil, for a project about the Belo Monte Dam, which is being built right now on the Xingu River. The construction of the massive dam, the third largest in the world attracted  thousands of immigrant workers from all over the country. One night, I was following the Military Police during a night raid in one of the favelas and, after they arrested a guy with a revolver in a bar nearby they stopped again and stormed this brothel. I entered in the brothel right after three policemen stepped in with assault rifles and asked everyone to line up and face the wall. I was actually quite amazed by how calm the situation looked despite the tension of the moment. It was really silent, as two agents – male and female – searched the customers and the staff one by one before asking them to wait outside. In the meantime, two other officers looked for drugs in the rooms and the toilets. I shot this photo while the police was questioning some of the customers and three agents armed with rifles kept an eye on the suspects that were still lined up against the wall, waiting for their turn.”