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Denis Dailleux August 1, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Egypt.
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From the series ” Egypt My Love” 2007

Occasionally Verve Photo will feature the work of “old time” photographers. Such is the case with Denis Dailleux (b. 1958, France) who makes his home in Cairo. His images appear calm and are noted for their delicacy and grace. There is a melancholic quality to Dailleux’s work that comes from his relationship with the people in his photographs. I’ve been told by other photographers that Cairo is a challenging place to photograph but in Dailleux’s work one can sense a tenderness. He was awarded the Fujifilm Award in 2001, Festival Terre d’images Biarritz in 2000 and the World Press Photo Award in 2000. His work has been exhibited widely and he has published two books about Egypt. Denis is represented by Agence Vu.

About the Photograph:

Denis was reticent to comment on his images. His site describes this project as follows: “Between Denis Dailleux and Cairo there is a true love story. He has a fascination for this place, its mood, its magical lights and an unspeakable tenderness for its inhabitants. Denis has patiently constructed a unique portrait of Cairo with which he has a loving relationship. An absolute alternative to all the clichés, cultural and touristic, which clutter our thoughts.”