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Oksana Yushko December 5, 2013

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Chechnya.
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Victory Day. Grozny, Chechnya,  May 9, 2010

Oksana Yushko (b. 1975, Ukraine) started working as a professional journalist in 2006. She won the Burn Magazine EPF grant in 2013 and was the Grand Prize Winner of Lens Culture International Exposure Awards in 2011. Oksana’s work has been published in Russian Reporter, The New York Times, Financial Times (UK), Le Monde, 6Mois (France) and VISION (China). Selected exhibits include: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, exhibition of “Ward Number Laughter” project, The Browse Foto Festival Berlin, ‘Grozny: Nine Cities’ project, Tbilisi Photo Festival, exhibition of ‘Beslan Identity’ and ‘Grozny: Nine Cities’ projects and OjodePez Photo Festival Barcelona, installation of ‘Grozny: Nine Cities’ project, Barcelona, Spain. She is based in Moscow.

About the Photograph:

“It was my third trip to Grozny while working on the Grozny: Nine Cities project with my photographer colleagues. Nowadays in Russia and other post-Soviet countries Victory Day is celebrated to commemorate the Red Army’s victory over the Nazi forces in World War II. There were government officials and security people everywhere. There were also cadets from the Suvorov Military School in Grozny. Most of them are war orphans. Besides their school work, boarding school provides them with a military discipline. I was photographing the cadets standing in line while they were listening to the Presidents speech. They were under the control of the officers the whole time. The moment when one of officer’s placed his hand on the boys head I knew I had the shot that captured the whole situation in Chechnya under Kadyrov’s regime.