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Hector Mediavilla March 31, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in DR Congo.
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The Congolese Sape. Brazzaville, Congo

Hector Medivilla is Spanish photographer based in Barcelona.. His work focuses on social issues in Africa and Latin America. His pictures have been published in Colors, New York Times, Business Week, Time, L’Internazionale, L’Espresso, Io Dona, Financial Times Germany, Magazine La Vanguardia and others. His work has received awards from Pictures of the Year International and Fotopres La Caixa. He is a founding member of the new Spanish collective Pandora.

Hector described the project saying “Africa has many many faces but we usually see the same kind of reality: war, hunger and so on. Realities like those exist and should be documented but it’s rich to see this part of the world through other perspectives. They might help us to rethink our beliefs about it”. Mediavilla has also documented the Sapeurs life in Paris. The complete essay can be seen at ZoneZero.

About The Photograph:

Sape is French slang for “dressing with class”. The French often use the expression “il est bien sape” to talk about a sharp dressed man. The term “sapeur” is a new African word that refers to someone that is dressed with great elegance. (more…)