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Christian Bobst October 29, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Georgia.
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Tbilisi, Georgia 2010

Christian Bobst (b. 1971, Switzerland) originally studied graphic design. During his studies he became interested in documentary photography. Between 1998 and 2010 he worked for major advertising Agencies in Switzerland and Germany as a Creative Director. During this time he won several national and international advertising awards. He tries to combine his conceptual skills as an art director with his experience in photojournalism, providing concepts and execution for campaigns with a journalistic approach, but also does some photo journalistic essays and stories for editorial publications.

About the Photograph:

“’My country has a very rich history and culture, but nowadays there is no real development. Officials do everything to make things look good on the outside, but inside everything is rotten, the economy and the lives of people are crumbling just like our buildings.’ These are the words of Miranda, a 25 years old Georgian girl who tries to earn some money by offering guided tours to tourists in Tbilisi. I met her after I came back from a research trip to a farmers village, where we would later shoot a documentary for an NGO. My plane to Zürich was cancelled because of the vulcano eruption in Iceland and I was stuck in Tbilisi for several days. I hired Miranda as a translator and asked her to introduce me to everyday life in the Georgia – or at least to what it means to live there from her point of view. This is one image out of a photo essay about the depleted ex Soviet country. I took it when we entered a church where a mass was taking place. Killing time, hoping and praying that things will become better seems to be the only perspective for many Georgians.”