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Andrei Liankevich November 21, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Belarus.

Elections in Minsk, Belarus 2006

Born in 1981 in Belarus and based in Minsk, Andrei Liankevich attended the Belarus State University, where he received a Bachelor Degree of Economy in 2004. In 2004-5 he studied at the Caucasus Media Institute in Yerevan, Armenia concentrating on the Yezidi minority in Armenia and was awarded a distinction for this work from World Press Photo. Since 2006 Andrei Liankevich lectures on “Photojournalism” at an European Humanitarian University in Vilnius, Lithuania. His works have been published in leading Belarussian newspapers like Nasha Niva, Leader, CD, Komsomolskaya Pravda and in international publications such as New York Times, Le Figaro, Newsweek (Russian edition), Die Zeit, Ogoniok (Russia), Gazeta Wyborcza and Rzecz Pospolita (Poland), Rigas laiks (Latvia). His work has been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Norway and Belarus.

About the Photograph:

“A member of election commission observing the voting process during the  president election in 2006. Lukashenka’s re-election didn’t spark the kind of oppositional momentum which many had hoped. Belarus, at least for now, will not follow in the revolutionary footsteps of the Ukraine and Georgia. Although the events in Belarus may not have reached a tipping point for the Lukashenka regime, they have marked a change in the nature of the Belarusian opposition. Despite a concerted effort by the Belarusian government to destroy, undermine and embarrass the opposition, the “denim revolutionaries” have emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The night of the Presidential Elections was the beginning of protests and the largest gathering (of approximately 20,000 people) in October Square in Minsk. Following this, young activists set up camp and for four days people came to show their solidarity and protest the dubious election results.”


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