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Eight Years On- Geoffrey Hiller October 29, 2015

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Otto and Greta. Bus #75 Project, Portland, Oregon 2015 / Geoffrey Hiller

Editor’s Note:

This last entry is bittersweet for me. In March 2008 I wrote my first post for Verve Photo. Close to 1,000 photographers from nearly all countries in the world have appeared on this blog since then. I loved the energy in the images, like that of the jazz on the Verve record label. All of the portraits, landscapes, photographs from afar and close to home are testimony to the power of the still photograph. More importantly, the websites of the individual photographers that are linked on the Verve blog are the real proof of their dedication and vision.

When I started Verve, the second generation iPhone had not yet been released. It would take a couple of years to see the tide of mobile photography turn, with the advent of Hipstamatic and Instagram apps. But those are just tools. Verve has always been about the way that photographers see the world.

Looking back over the years I’m sure you will agree that the images featured on Verve Photo are nothing less then iconic. These images (which will now form an archive) have been a source of inspiration to me for close to eight years, as I have persisted as an independent photographer. Thanks to all of the contributors who made the time to respond to my emails and provide the backstory for the photographs that I chose. It’s a treasure trove of images that will no doubt stand the test of time.



1. david veen - October 29, 2015

too sad to see verve leave
too glad for all your effort
and those of the photogs featured

a great many thanks indeed

2. Eduardo Leal - October 29, 2015

Dear Geoffrey, it is with sadness to understand that it is the end of Verve Photo. It was always a pleasure to receive a new email from Verve that allowed me to discover new work of new photographers. Also, thank you so much to feature me on the blog. Wish you good luck to your new projects. Best, Eduardo

3. JohnAmes - October 29, 2015

Good luck with your next endeavor.

4. Mary Bisbee-Beek - October 29, 2015

Geoffrey, you created a wonderful outlet for photographers and those that follow photography…so many of us owe you a debt of gratitude for your generous nature; your great critiques; and your unwavering support of projects/books/thoughts and ideas! And to Linda, as well!
On to new projects!

5. Dave Gilbert, St. Louis - October 29, 2015

Congratulations on your superb contribution to documentary photography and photographers and what everyone knows was a labor of love and dedication. Enjoy a well-earned rest and a new beginning on something else, whatever it is! Enjoy your family — and of course, the fruits of your own VERY WONDERFUL eye.

6. Whit Fox - October 29, 2015

I am so sad to see Verve end. I always look forward to seeing the email in my inbox a midst all the other chaos in that electronic jungle. As it did for you, Verve inspired me and reminded me of my documentary roots (Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and Boston University for my Master’s in PJ). The simplicity of Verve’s format was key, yet often I would scour the photographer’s website, totally enthralled with yet another talented photographer and visual storyteller somewhere in the world. I would never cross paths with this person in real life, but I got to through Verve. Geoffrey, thank you for all your time and your passion put into Verve. Will this website remain live, so I can continue learning about all these wonderful photographers? I hope so! And do you mind me asking why you’re ending Verve? Does it just feel right, is it time? I’m sure you’re busy with your own projects as well. I wish you and all the other Verve Photographers well! Best, Whitney J. Fox

7. Douglas Despres - October 30, 2015

Oh man! It was a great run – so very enjoyed following the posts every Weds and Sunday :) I was planning to submit an image, but waited too long.. here it is anyway Mr. Hiller, if it finds it’s way to you.

It’s Katherine and her 96 year old great grand uncle. He had just sang his favorite folk song from when he was 12, and brought her to tears. This is the moment where he consoled her immediately after :)

Thank you for all the hard work and exposure for so many talented photographers and their images.


– Doug D.

On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 10:38 AM, Verve Photo- The New Breed of Documentary

8. carolfletcher2013 - October 30, 2015

Thank you for all the posts! I’ll miss them! All the Best to you! Carol

Sent from my iPhone


9. Jorge Albella - October 31, 2015

Oh.. sad to see this post.
We were so glad enjoying the work of such a good photographers around the world. It was a great job. Thank you very much Mr. Hiller,

10. Joel McNae - November 14, 2015

Thank you so much for all the wonderful posts, it was a highlight of my weeks ever since I found your blog. So sad it’s ended but greatful to have been introduced to so many wonderful photographers.
Kindest regards

I’m not in the same league but here’s my site if anyone’s interested.

11. Annie - June 9, 2016

I was in school when I found your blog and it quickly became my favorite source for discovering new documentary photographers. I would get on here and binge absorb all of the incredible work and walk away from the computer lab with a new light inside of me and a camera in hand. I’m so sad you won’t be posting any more, do you have any suggestions for similar blogs?

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